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As promised, here is my full review of the Fresh Bundle Master plugin for WordPress.

This is a premium plugin for Amazon affiliates, that allows you to bundle products together and present the customer with a single, fully customizable “Buy This Bundle” button.

By doing this, you can help customers by bundling products that naturally go well together, while at the same time, providing additional income for you in the process.

Who is this plugin for?

The Amazon Fresh Bundle Master plugin is for anyone that is currently an Amazon affiliate through the Amazon Associates program, or anyone that would like to be.

Posting reviews of Amazon products, or providing customers with links to products that relate to any existing niche websites that you have, is a great way to bring in some online income.

The only requirement to utilize this plugin is that your website(s) must be running on WordPress.

Who is this plugin NOT for?

If you are not an Amazon Affiliate, have no intentions of becoming one, or you do not have a website running WordPress, this is not for you.

However, if you have ever considered trying to bring in some extra income by setting up your own website, you might want to read on to get some potential ideas.

Why Bundle?

Bundling Amazon products has gotten a lot of attention lately, as a way to differentiate yourself from other review sites.

If you can present a compelling case why someone would want to purchase several items at the same time, rather than just one, you are helping out the customer as well as your bottom line.

Let me give a few quick examples that come to mind.

P90X is one of the top selling fitness products of all time.  Many of the P90X programs can be done without the need for a lot of additional exercise equipment, but some additional items are recommended.

I remember one of the early versions highly recommended a pull-up bar, which I wasn’t aware of ahead of time.  I recall shopping for a pull-up bar for an entire weekend online, to try and get one that had great reviews and didn’t break the bank.

If you could do a review of the P90X and let your customers know what other equipment is recommended and provide a bundle including a great pull-up bar, you’d be going a long way towards saving your customers a bunch of time by providing them with the opportunity to purchase the bundle as a whole.

Along those same lines, the P90X folks also recommend the Shakeology line of protein shakes.  So you could create different bundles for folks that also wanted to throw on shakes, maybe small dumbells, etc.

I would give options for a starter bundle, intermediate bundle and advanced bundle, for the different skill levels of your customers, at increasing price points.

Another example that comes to mind is someone that might purchase a Raspberry Pi, mini-computer.  For anyone that doesn’t know, it is just a little mini-computer on a circuit board for around $35.

Most folks that would be looking to purchase one would want/need a case, memory card and power cable.  It just makes sense that you would want to bundle those items together to save your customers the time of having to do this separately.

Advantages to Bundling

I think many of the advantages to bundling are rather obvious, as shown in my examples above.  You save your customers time by bundling items that go well together.

In that way, they have a better buying experience, because the main product comes with items that they will want/need, so they can get more use and enjoyment out of their purchase.

Additionally, bundling products can result in a substantial savings as well.  When you bundle the items, it will show the customer how much they save by purchasing the items as a bundle, rather than individually.

For some bundles, that can be significant, which can be an additional incentive to purchase the bundle, vs just the primary product

Of course, the more items someone buys from Amazon, the more you get in affiliate commissions, so the potential for more income helps as well.

Another potential big advantage to bundling, is that when the customer clicks on your “Buy This Bundle” button, they will be adding the items to their Amazon cart.

That gives you a full 90 days to get a commission on the items they add to their cart, vs the normal 24 hours for most Amazon affiliate links.

One not so obvious benefit is the potential for people to spend more time on your site, reading the Amazon product reviews directly on your post/page (see “focused” layout example below).

The more time people spend on your site, the lower your bounce rate, which can increase your Google rankings, traffic and as a result, sales.

Disadvantage to Bundling

The primary disadvantage to bundling is getting the bundle wrong.

If someone comes to your site based your review in Google and they are just wanting the primary item only, they may go elsewhere.

However, you can easily overcome that downside by providing a link to just the primary item, while providing a more detailed explanation of why you recommend the bundle instead, so that they have the option to choose.

Example Bundles

Example of the “focused” layout:


Xbox One Bundle

Minecraft - Xbox One (Read Reviews)
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Green (STEA2000403)... (Read Reviews)
Was $548.98 Buy together now for $509.43 You Save $39.55 (7%)
Price Last Updated: 4:04pm, 30th August 2015 More Info

Example of the “photo tiles” layout:


P90X Bundle

Was $236.69
Buy together now for $227.45
You Save $9.24 (4%) Price Last Updated: 3:54pm, 30th August 2015 More Info

Example of “info list” layout with big bundle savings:

Fitbit Bundle

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Small (Read Reviews)
Xiemin New USB Data Replacement Charger / Charging Cable for Fitbit Force Charge Black (Read Reviews)
Taotree® 12 Pieces Fitbit Charge/ Force Bracelet Silicone Security Fastener Keeper Protector Wristband (Read Reviews)
Camelbak Eddy Bottle (1-Liter/33-Ounce,Charcoal) (Read Reviews)
ARCTIC COOL 2 Pack Towels Arctic Cool Ultra Leightweight Workout Blue Mesh Cooling Towel (2-Pack) (Read Reviews)
Price Last Updated: 6:25pm, 5th September 2015 More Info
Was $150.70
Buy together now for $132.53
You Save $18.17 (12%)

Example Sites Using Fresh Bundle Master

Here are several full sites created by the plugin author, to show you all of the different features of Fresh Bundle Master being put to good use.

Here is an example of the type of site that you could create, to bring in additional income as an Amazon Affiliate.

Cost of Fresh Bundle Master Plugin

The Fresh Bundle Master plugin is $47 for the personal license.  That includes lifetime upgrades and support, training guides/videos, as well as a private FB group.

The personal license allows you to utilize the plugin on an unlimited number of your own web sites.

There is also a developer license for $97.  That allows you to utilize the plugin on an unlimited number of client sites and allows you to sell sites that utilize the plugin as well.

Both come with a full 30 day money back guarantee as well.

For full details, including a quick video breakdown, or to make a purchase, click here…


Amazon Fresh Bundle Master Plugin


Although I have only touched the surface on product bundling, hopefully this review provided you with most of the information you need, to help decide if the Fresh Bundle Master plugin is a good choice for you.

If you do decide to make a purchase through my affiliate link above, I sincerely thank you ahead of time.

It goes a long way towards letting me know that you appreciate my efforts and it also allows me to purchase products like Fresh Bundle Master myself, so that I can review them here on the site.

Definitely let me know if you have any specific questions that were not covered in the post above and best wishes for success with all of your niche site projects!

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