Amazon EasyAzon Plugin Review

EasyAzon Plugin

As promised, here is my full review of the Amazon EasyAzon plugin for WordPress.  This is a premium plugin created by Chris Guthrie, who is best known for being a very successful Amazon affiliate.

If you are in a hurry, get the EasyAzon Discount + Bonus Amazon Themes here

He has earned over $100,000 in commissions from Amazon’s affiliate program and sold his top Amazon site in a six figure deal as well. So the software is inspired by his real world knowledge of what works.

In a nutshell, EasyAzon allows you to provide links to Amazon products without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

As someone who has promoted Amazon products on multiple sites, I can attest to the fact that adding Amazon affiliate links manually is quite a tedious and time consuming process.

EasyAzon also provides several other enhancements that can increase your Amazon affiliate earnings as well. I will detail the primary features in the next section.

Main Features of EasyAzon

  1. Create Amazon affiliate links without ever leaving your WP Dashboard; You do not have to login to your Amazon associates account at all, everything is done right from your individual posts or pages.

  2. Provides multiple styles of links; Text Links with optional product details on mouseover, Image Links with multiple size options, Call to Action boxes and Info Blocks.

  3. Built-in link localization option, which automagically provides customers country specific Amazon links; This will allow you to get commissions for sales from customers outside the US, where normally you would be missing out. All you have to do is sign-up for an Amazon associates account from relevant countries such as Amazon UK, add them to the plugin settings page and click the check box to enable that feature.

  4. Provides the “Add-To-Cart” option (90 day cookie); Providing the option to add the item to the customer’s cart gives you a full 90 days to make a sale for that item. Typical Amazon Affiliate product links provide you with a commission for anything a customer purchases, but only for a 24 hour period.

EasyAzon Examples

Chris Guthrie provides the example of the Xbox One in his video demo on the sales page and since I am a big fan of the Xbox One myself, that is what I will use as well.

Here are examples of the different types of links available through the EasyAzon Plugin:

Text Link: For the standard text link, you have the option of enabling product details and pricing when the customer mouses over the link. The link on the left has the product description enabled. Hover your mouse cursor over that link and you will see what I mean. The link on the right is just a standard text link.

Xbox One S (Mouseover Enabled)  Xbox One S (No Mouseover) 


Image Link: With image links, you have the option of choosing several sizes, from tiny thumbnail sizes all the way up to large (shown).


Call to Action: Here is an example of two of the different Call to Action boxes.  The first one on the left is a smaller, lighter color that is a typical affiliate link that takes the customer to the product page.  The one on the right is a larger call to action button, with the “Add-To-Cart” option enabled. Give em a click to see how they behave differently.

Info Block: The Info Block combines all of the previous styles into one. You see a text link, image link, pricing details and a call to action button.


With all of the different link styles above, you have the ability to customize the links on a individual basis or you can rely on the default settings that you choose on the plugin settings page.

For instance, you can set your defaults to add “nofollow” to all links, open all links in a new window and select No for “Add-to-Cart”.

However, when you insert individual links, you have the option to either utilize your defaults for everything, or you could customize and choose Yes for “Add-To-Cart” for specific links as desired.

In that way, you have full flexibility to either make all links exactly the same, or customize them on an individual basis.

Amazon EasyAzon Discount

There is a special discount in progress right now.

Not only that, but Chris has generously provided 3 great bonuses as well:

Bonus 1: The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Training Course

Bonus 2: AzonTheme – Premium WP theme designed for Amazon review sites.

Bonus 3: AmaTheme – Premium WP theme for Amazon sites, mobile friendly.

You get everything, including the bonuses, for the discounted price of $29. That is over 50% off the regular price of $67.

The product also comes with a full 30 day, money back guarantee.


Let me first start by saying that if you have no plans to promote Amazon products as an affiliate, this plugin is probably not for you. That said however, whether you decide to use this plugin or not, promoting Amazon products as an affiliate should be part of your niche site adventure plan. Next to regular affiliate marketing, I find it to be one of the best ways to get started making $ online.

As far as the plugin goes, once I got fully immersed in the testing of EasyAzon, I found that it does definitely save time, but in addition I was actually having fun in the process.

I really liked that the plugin helps to get the creative juices flowing by providing related products to promote as well. For instance, when I typed in Xbox One in the EasyAzon search box, there were several other related products to choose from such as games, controllers and battery chargers.

And they are all right there on the same page, where you can grab those links as well, as shown below. Just click on the link type and it will add the shortcode right onto your post or page.

That can definitely help to bring in additional revenue.


Here is a recent tweet that I saw in my feed from Chris Guthrie, with an EasyAzon success story:


I’m sure those results aren’t typical and obviously he is a bit biased, but even 10% of that would more than pay for the cost of the plugin.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with enough detail to help you make a more informed decision.

In my opinion, EasyAzon is definitely the best WordPress Amazon Affiliate plugin available anywhere. It is really the only plugin that you need, to create successful Amazon affiliate sites.

If you are interested, but still on the fence, be sure to click through to the discount sales page and check out the video from Chris Guthrie.

In that 12 minute video Chris talks about many of the items mentioned here, along with a full product demo.

If you do decide that the EasyAzon plugin is for you, you are of course under no obligation to purchase through my discount link. However, if you do I sincerely thank you ahead of time!

If you have any questions at all or would like me to provide additional details, please let me know.

For anyone interested in selling on Amazon with the FBA program, be sure to check out my review of some excellent Amazon training programs.

29 thoughts on “Amazon EasyAzon Plugin Review”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all your efforts sharing very worthwhile information! I listen to the podcast and appreciate your takes on everything. I’m here looking for your EasyAzon review, but noticed the call to action buttons above act exactly the same.. at least here in Germany. It could just be the way the link is structured, OR maybe it doesnt act the same in countries other than USA.

    Just thought I’d let you know and if you can give some feedback from it. If I buy this plugin I plan on doing it through you to say thanks!


    • Hey Jason,

      Thanks for the comment/question and kind words! I am glad you enjoy the Podcast, let me know if there are any topics you would like to see covered.

      I reached out to Chris Guthrie in regards to your question about the “Add to Cart” link not functioning as expected for you in Germany. He got back to me right away and said the “Add to Cart” feature would only work in the country of origin (US in my case) if the link localization feature is enabled, which it is.

      The technical reason for that is the link localization feature uses an Amazon search function, rather than linking to a specific product. So it makes sense that it cannot add a search query to your cart, only a specific product. It does work for anyone in the US in my case and it would work for anyone in Germany, in your case. Hope that helps.

      Thanks ahead of time, if you do decide to make a purchase through my link and thanks for being an active member of the site!
      Chris recently posted..NST 024: Two Quick Tips to Increase Traffic & RankingsMy Profile

  2. Thanks very much for jumping on this and getting me a VERY thorough response. It’s this type of quick action that sets you apart from others in the IM space. Totally answered my question and now makes sense to me.

    When I buy this I am going to do so through your link to show my support!

    Thank you again Chris and all the best,


  3. Hi. I’m new to this IM stuff, but I had heard about Easyazon. However, someone recently said it wasn’t working any more. That doesn’t appear to be the case judging by this post and the subsequent comments. Maybe I misunderstood what this person meant. Just to clarify – is Easyazon still in existence and working as intended? Many thanks.

    • Hi Mary,

      After you download the zip file navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard > plugins > add new > select the .zip files you downloaded > upload those files and activate the plugins

      That was taken from the how to page that you can find here:

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Chris, Awesome info!

    Quick question. On my Amazon Affiliate site, I already have 17 pages of content with links that I got via the “long way”. I’m most interested in the potential for more money.

    So a visitor would have to add the item in their cart from that popup and then buy that item within 90 days and no other product? And would it be worth it to take the time going back and ‘fixing’ all my old amazon links which would take forever. Is there an easy way to just change my existing links? Thanks!

  5. Hey Jake,

    Glad you like the info and sorry for the delay. Your comment ended up in the spam folder for some reason.

    If a customer adds an item to their cart and then a week later they manually add a few other items to their order, you would still get credit for the initial item placed in the cart, but not on the other items. Make sense?

    Whether it would be worth it to change all of your links to ‘add-to-cart’ links would depend on your audience. I’d suggest changing a certain percentage of your links to add-to-cart links and compare your sales before and after, over a certain period of time.

    As far as an easy way to go back and change all your links, not that I know of. Of course doing so with EasyAzon would be much quicker, but if you have several hundred or more links, it would still take some time. Hope that helps!
    Chris recently posted..New Preferred Keyword Tool and Free Site Review (Ep 28)My Profile

  6. Hi Chris,

    Great article. Definitely considering to buy!

    I have a question though: if someone buys within 24 hours through the regular Amazon Affiliate link and they end up buying additional products besides the one linked to, Amazon gives a commission on all items.
    When using this plugin, do you still get commission on these additional items from Amazon if they buy within 24 hours?


  7. Chris,

    Thanks for the review. It was very informative and I will likely purchase the product, but I have on question: I understand that if a person clicks on a link that takes them to the Amazon product page, that cookie is good for 24hours. However, if the person (after landing on the product page) decides to add the product to the cart, is that item then good for 90 days?


  8. Thanks for this article. I have two questions:

    It doesn’t have any problem with link cloaking, right?

    Can I generated a link to be used in a WooCommerce external button and redirected to the proper local Amazon store?

    • Hey Stefano,

      EasyAzon has an option for link cloaking built-in, so that isn’t a problem from an EasyAzon perspective. Just be careful with link cloaking when it comes to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

      As far as generating a link goes, you can utilize shortcodes where you need them through EasyAzon. Whether that will work with WooCommerce, I’m not 100% sure, but I’d think it would. Hope that helps.
      Chris recently posted..Thrive Leads – Best Email Opt-in PluginMy Profile

      • Mmm, I don’t think it will work. WooCommerce needs the raw url for external/affiliate products, it can’t work with a shortcode. I’ll ask the plugin author directly 😉

        So the cloaking option is not a good thing to use, right?

  9. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the detailed write up. I have had EasyAzon for a while, but have not gotten around to setting it up, but planning to implement it and see what difference it makes.

    Just to pick your brain; Is it necessary to use the standard buttons on EasyAzon instead of customs? I read recently that you’re not actually supposed to use custom image buttons for affiliate links (other than Amazons own ones that I believe are the same on EasyAzon), can you shed any light on that?


  10. Hey Chris, great review. I have a question. Do you usually use the info block with the pricing details in your posts with EasyAzon? Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Brian, thanks for the kind words and good question.

      I have often used the Info Block feature with the pricing, but I recently purchased a guide that suggests not including pricing and the results were impressive.

      In the guide case study, the author was able to achieve a 4x increase in Amazon affiliate income, going from $146/mo to over $600/mo from just one blog post. Pretty crazy.

      The increase wasn’t all from removing pricing details, but the strategies mentioned in the guide make sense and I’ve been removing pricing details from several popular posts. Looking forward to the results.

      I’ll link to that post below in case you’re interested. Thanks again!
      Chris recently posted..Increase Affiliate Income – PotPieGirl Niche Post Conversion Strategies ReviewMy Profile


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