Recording a Podcast – Exact Process Revealed


In today’s Podcast Episode, I detail the exact process that I’ve utilized for the last 4 years, to record and publish the Niche Site Tools Podcast.

The topic for today’s episode came from long time community member Nick.  Nick was interested in starting his own Podcast and wanted to know specifics like…

Can you host your Podcast episodes on your existing website?

What is the best equipment and software to record the Podcast?

What are the exact steps that I go through to record and publish the Podcast?

I answer all those questions and many more, so be sure to listen in for full details.

If you have any specific questions after listening, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

Items Mention on the Podcast

Here is a picture of my exact setup.  Very inexpensive and simple.


Recommended Microphone

Recommended Pop Filter

Audacity – The free software that I utilize to record the Podcast

Auphonic – Website that I utilize to automatically level out the podcast audio, add the intro/outro and publish the episode to Amazon S3. Site is free for up to 2 hours of audio per month.

Powerpress Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

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