Increase Affiliate Income – PotPieGirl Niche Post Conversion Strategies Review


increase-affiliate-salesToday’s review suggestion came from a community member, Jake. He wanted to know if anyone had a chance to check out the Niche Post Conversion Strategies guide from PotPieGirl, with simple tweaks to help increase affiliate income quickly.

I was not familiar with the guide, but it sounded like something that could benefit the whole community, so I offered to purchase the product for $39 to review.

If you’re curious and in a hurry, my quick impression is yes, this program is well worth the price. Getting to see the actual live case study post is worth the cost alone.

You can grab the program, along with my bonus 3 page quick reference guide here.

Strategies to Increase Affiliate Income

The author provides 13, make that 14, strategies to help increase conversions. There were two strategies that were given the same number, so you actually get a bonus strategy.

One of the great parts of the guide is that she shares the actual post that is ranking and bringing in over $600/month. That is worth the cost of the guide right there, because you can see exactly what she is doing and you can replicate those steps in your own niche.

Several steps focus on increasing sales as an Amazon affiliate, but most of the strategies are universal and can benefit anyone.

Here is a screenshot of the results Jennifer achieved following the exact strategies outlined in the guide…


She went from $146.29/mo to $604.47/mo! That is really impressive from one single post.

What Does The Guide Include?

The Niche Post Conversion Strategies guide is a 68 page PDF guide, complete with 14 strategies that you can pick and choose from, to increase sales on your niche websites and posts.

It is a quick read, that you can get through easily in a day or two.

If you purchase the guide through my link, you will also automatically receive my 3 page bonus. That is a quick reference guide that I put together, so that you have a very concise summary of each of the strategies to refer back to.

The cost is just $39, which I think is well worth it. If you follow just 1 or 2 of the strategies, I think you can easily make back that cost very quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • Single One Time Fee of $39, no up-sells or additional purchases needed
  • 14 great strategies that you can pick and choose from and implement right away
  • Case study live access; You can see first hand the exact post that is currently ranking and bringing in over $600/month


  • There are some edits that could be done to fix some grammar errors in the guide, but it isn’t enough to distract from the overall excellent content


Overall, the guide is excellent and of the 14 strategies, I’d say at least 12 of the strategies were things that I was not currently doing to optimize my sites/posts for conversions.

I’ve already started to modify several of my higher traffic posts on different sites and received one commission in less than 48 hours for $14.50, using just two of the strategies mentioned and it took less than 15 minutes to implement.

I’m looking forward to implementing several more strategies to see the results and I think you will be excited as well.

Grab your Niche Post Conversion guide +Bonus Quick Reference guide

Thanks to Jake for the suggestion and best wishes towards increasing your affiliate income!


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I would receive a commission, at no additional cost to you. You would also receive a bonus quick reference guide if you do purchase the Niche Post Conversion guide above. Thanks.

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