Long Tail Pro – Limited Time $47 Special

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The folks at Long Tail Pro are running a limited time special where you can get the full version of Long Tail Pro for a single one-time payment of just $47.

That is an awesome deal for my favorite keyword research tool!

Long Tail Pro – $47 One Time Special 

For $47 you get FULL access to all the great features of Long Tail Pro.

That includes the Keyword Competitiveness value (KC), competition analysis and as a bonus, they’re throwing in free access to their Long Tail Bootcamp SEO video training program.

What’s The Catch?

Normally, Long Tail Pro is a recurring monthly subscription of somewhere between $37 and $147 per month at the regular price, what’s the catch?

The only catch is that you are limited to 10,000 search results. That is a LOT of search results and the great part is that you control how many results you get with each search and they never expire.

Once you hit 10,000 search results, you still retain access to the software and all of your saved results for an additional 90 days, you just cannot do any additional searches at that point.

How Long Does This Deal Last?

The affiliate manager said she would keep the special offer open for an additional month, since I just found out about this towards the end of June, 2018, but beyond that she couldn’t make any guarantees.

How Can I Get This Special?

Just click this link, or the image below.

I’m really excited to let you guys know about this, since I constantly get questions about keyword research and Long Tail Pro is the tool that comes up most often.

Everyone really wants to try Long Tail Pro, they just find their recurring monthly fee prohibitive when just starting out.

This is an awesome way to jump right in, while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Be sure to grab this special offer while it lasts…

Long Tail Pro $47 Special