How to Save Money on Hosting Renewals



When you sign-up for web hosting, most companies give you a great introductory rate to get you to sign-up as a new customer.

Unfortunately, like most services these days, the rate can increase significantly after that introductory period is over.

That is something that isn’t talked about an awful lot and it can catch some folks by surprise.

Introductory rates for web hosting for new customers can range from $2.99/mo for 1-2 website plans to $6.99/mo and up for unlimited hosting.

Renewal rates are typically between $8.99-12.99/mo.

Today’s Podcast Episode idea came from an email I received this past week from a listener Debbie.

In that email, she mentioned that her hosting renewal with another company was coming due and she was glad to see I recommended a different company, Webhosting Hub.

How to Save Money on Hosting Renewals

In today’s Episode, I talk about two main options that you have, when it comes to getting a discount on your higher hosting renewal rates.

One is to attempt to negotiate a lower rate with your existing provider, assuming you like your current service and want to remain a customer. Your mileage may vary, depending on whether your provider is willing to try and retain you as a customer.

The other guaranteed option to save money is to switch to a new provider, to receive their new customer introductory discount.

What you’re looking for here is a reputable company that provides a free transfer service to help you transfer over all of your existing website data seamlessly, with zero downtime.

If you are looking to save money on hosting renewals and want to remain with your existing provider, by all means attempt to negotiate a lower rate.

If you don’t have much luck or are at all unhappy with your existing provider, you may consider making a switch.

I always recommend choosing the longest introductory term possible, to lock in the lower rate for the longest time possible.

The hosting provider I have been with for over 5 years is Webhosting Hub.

Through my affiliate link discount, you will always receive the lowest discounted rate currently available.

Their 2 website Spark package is $3.99/mo for 3 years and the Unlimited Nitro package for $5.99/mo for 3 years.  In addition, they offer an excellent free transfer service from any of the other main hosting providers out there, for websites with up to 5GB of data.

That is a great option to have available, as most companies either do not provide such a service or charge a huge fee, BlueHost charges $149 for website transfers as an example.

Transferring websites between hosts can be a complicated and daunting process to get right, especially for non-technical folks.

Webhosting Hub takes that stress and worry off your hands, all you do is submit a transfer request, provide them with the necessary details and they take care of the rest.

They remain in contact with your during the process, providing you with the steps to fully test your website(s) on their system, before making the final cut-over.

When you are satisfied everything is working as planned, you flip the switch and will be up and running on their servers, with zero downtime.


Similar to most other services these days (like cell phone plans, cable tv/internet and satellite radio) web hosting companies charge you a lower introductory rate and then increase those prices come renewal time.

Keep that in mind when you sign-up and make note of when your introductory term will end. Set yourself an email or calendar reminder a week or two before that expires.

When you get your reminder, be prepared to negotiate a newer rate with your existing company, or shop around and see what other lower cost options are available.

Be sure to listen in to today’s Podcast episode for some specific tips on how to negotiate the best possible rates.

Thanks for being a valued member of the community and a special thanks to Debbie for the idea for today’s Episode!


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