How to Get Free Traffic from Bing & Yahoo



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In today’s Podcast Episode, I tell both why and how to get some additional free traffic from Bing and Yahoo.

Why Spend Time to Rank on Bing & Yahoo?

You may not know this, but Bing/Yahoo combined account for 35% of search engine traffic for desktop searches in the US.

That is a pretty big chunk of the overall desktop search volume.  Google is the biggest overall provider with 62%.

Remaining search engines make up the other 2% and that includes sites like with 1% and DuckDuckGo with .67%.

What Does the Bing & Yahoo Audience Look Like?

This audience is not the same as the Google audience – they spend more money online and they tend to be a bit older.

According to a recent comScore audience study, Yahoo & Bing Network users skew toward:

College graduates and graduate school students
Mature age group of those 35+
Slightly more women than men
Households with children
Households with incomes more than $75,000

In addition, Bing/Yahoo traffic converts better than Google.

Traffic Conversion Rates

20.2% Yahoo

19.7% Bing

16.5% Google

How to Rank and Get Free Traffic from Bing & Yahoo

I talk in full detail about all of these steps below on the Podcast, but I’ll include a brief snippet of each step here for your reference…

  1. Check to see if your existing content is indexed – Go to Bing/Yahoo and typing in site:yourwebsite into the search box and hit enter. That will show you what is already indexed.
  2. Submit your site(s) via Bing Webmaster Tools – Create a free Bing Webmaster tools account, enter your website(s) and submit a sitemap.
  3. Focus on on-page SEO – Be sure to optimize your article titles, description, H1/H2 tags, meta description, tags and meta keywords (if available) to target relevant keywords in your content.
  4. Pay attention to bounce rate – Longer form content helps. Be sure to provide relevant results and embedding video and/or audio in your post can help keep people on site longer, decreasing bounce rate.
  5. Backlinks – For Bing/Yahoo, keyword rich anchor text and links from sites with .edu, .gov and .org have greater value than they do on Google.
  6. Social signals and social sharing – Sharing of content and links via social media do have a benefit when it comes to Bing/Yahoo.
  7. Page speed – Page speed is not a ranking factor for Bing/Yahoo.


So as you can see, Bing and Yahoo serve 1/3rd of US desktop search volume, the audience is older, well educated and tends to have good disposable income. Additionally, traffic converts better.

For those reasons, it definitely makes sense to spend at least a little time and effort to gets some free traffic from those sources.

On the plus side, since Yahoo has been powered primarily by Bing for the past several years, the steps mentioned on the Podcast and very briefly here above, will help you rank and bring in traffic from both locations.

Reference: Bing SEO Tips

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