Ideas For Quicker Side Income



In this week’s Podcast episode, I answer a question from a listener Christine.  In that email, she asked what she could do to try and bring in some side income from home.  She is unable to work a traditional 9-5 job in an office setting, due to some residual issues from a car accident 2 years ago.

As we speak about often on the site and Podcast, online niche website projects are not get rich quick schemes.  They take time, persistence and dedication.  You will definitely want to setup your own website and get things going, but if you have a more immediate need and desire to get income quicker than 6-9 months, you’ll probably also need to do some out of the box thinking.

That is what I’m hoping to provide for everyone in this week’s Episode and I welcome any other ideas you might have as well.  Please feel free to share any additional ideas you may have in the comments below.

Tools Segment

In this week’s tool segment, I made mention of tomorrow’s free webinar from Andrew Hansen and Sara Young.  They are both highly successful affiliate marketers, making a living through their online adventures.

Andrew is the creator of the Forever Affiliate training course myself and several others went through, a few years back.  They are putting out the free webinar in support of their new affiliate marketing training program.

In the free webinar the will be sharing details of what is working right now, to make good $$ with niche websites in 2016.  I’m particularly interested in the claims that one student made their first income inn less than 3 hours after starting and the screenshots showing one student had income over 10k in the month of December 2015 alone.

You can find out more details on what the webinar will entail in last week’s quick post here.  Don’t wait until the last minute, as his webinars usually fill up.

The webinar will run live at 5pm EST tomorrow, March 8th.  Even if you can’t make that time, be sure to sign-up, as they will usually make the recording available afterwards.  I have no indication that is the case this time however, so it would be best to attend live, if possible.