Make $300-$3000 a Month In Passive Income?

That’s a pretty bold subject line, but that is what Andrew Hansen claims you can make following his program Forever Affiliate.

He is a very successful affiliate marketer that is living a “location independent” lifestyle.  Which just basically means he’s living the dream.  Since he makes his $$ online, he can live and work from anywhere.  Sounds great to me!

The Forever Affiliate program is great because all of the information is geared towards how to make $$ online right now, given all of the major updates that Google made to their ranking algorithms over the last few years.

Andrew’s program goes into detail on how to adapt and make $$ under the new rules of the game and he says that if you follow the rules and are just starting out in affiliate marketing now, you may actually find it easier to make $$ online.

The Forever Affiliate program goes into detail on exactly how to make $$ online through Affiliate Marketing.  For anyone new to the concept, that just means that you promote the products of others and if they result in a sale, you’ll get a commission.  In my experience, that is the best way to make $ online with very little of your own money up front.

The program has a full money-back guarantee and he even says that he will give you $100 out of his pocket if the program does not work for you.  He’s been doing this successfully for over 7 years, so I believe he would make good on that promise.

This is not a fluff course with generalizations and theory. This program will show you everything from start to finish, from the initial steps on finding the right products to promote, to building your own website, creating content, helping your site build up traffic and finally achieving your first affiliate sales.  All contained in a series of excellent videos that provide fully detailed, step-by-step instructions.

No stone was left unturned. I learned a ton of information I had not found anywhere else and it has completely changed the way I will be creating niche/mini sites going forward.

One specific example I just learned is that during the first month after setting up your site, you need to be careful NOT to do too much promotion and link building.  That goes directly against most of the readily available, free information online. 

He goes into very specific detail on how many links you want to build in the first month, what kind of links those should be and how to go about getting them in a white hat, very conservative way.

What NOT to do is just as important as what TO do.  Otherwise you can very easily get penalized by the current Google algorithms and it very important to do all you can to not have that happen. 

That is just one tiny example of the type of actionable information contained in the program that I haven’t come across anywhere else.

As always, thanks for stopping by and best of luck with all of your niche website projects!

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