Google RankBrain, Firefox 42 Privacy and Facebook Ad Training Discount



In this week’s Podcast episode we’ll be talking about some new developments that have the potential to affect us all, as content creators.

Google RankBrain Algorithm Change

On Oct 26th, Bloomberg came out with a story detailing how Google started using machines to match queries to content in what they are calling RankBrain.

This has been in test since early 2015 and it has been fully live over the last few months, as the 3rd most important factor in their overall Hummingbird ranking algorithm.

In the Podcast, we discuss what that means for us as content creators and provide some suggestions on how to format your content to benefit from these recent developments.

Reference: Google RankBrain FAQ From SearchEngineLand

Firefox 42 Privacy Enhancements

We also discuss the latest Firefox browser update, version 42, which adds in additional privacy features and an ad-blocker component, which could eventually spell trouble for anyone that derives a large portion of their income from things like AdSense.

Tool of the Week


Our tool of the week comes from a discussion we’ve been having over in the Private FB Mastermind group for the site.

Endre asked about Facebook Ads and if there was an inexpensive training program that anyone could recommend on the topic.

Jarret mentioned that he recently picked up the Five Dollar Posts training program for FB Ads and he said it is great so far.

It is a full step by step video course on utilizing FB ads with a very small budget, to drive traffic, email signups, leads, etc. to your website.

They are currently running a special on the course for the next few days only.

The regular price is $37, but for the next 3 days you can grab it through my discounted link at the bottom of this post, for only $17.

This deal expires at midnight Eastern US time on Thursday, Nov 12th.

If you’ve been interested in learning how to utilize Facebook Ads, this looks like a great course to try.  The course comes with a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee and several bonuses as well.

I took advantage of the deal myself (receipt shown here) and wanted to spread the word before it is gone for good.

Five Dollar Posts – Special $17 Deal


As I mentioned on the show, this will most likely be the only episode for November, due to some upcoming holiday plans.

There may be some Cyber Monday (Nov 30th) deals on products that I promote, like Long Tail Pro.  If so, I will do my best to let everyone know ahead of time.

It will be easiest for me to do so via email or on the Private FB Mastermind group, so be sure to subscribe via email and join up over on the FB group, to make sure you are in the loop on any upcoming deals.

Thanks a bunch and I hope you have a great couple of weeks.  For anyone that will be celebrating, have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!