Powerful Website Tips and Advice from Mark Cuban



The motivation for this week’s Podcast episode came from a recent episode of Beyond the Tank, with Mark Cuban.

In this episode, Mark provides some powerful advice that is very applicable to all of us, creating websites as part of our online adventures.

Be sure to listen in for a full breakdown!

Tool of the Week

F.lux – Software to make your life better.  F.lux makes the color of your computer display or mobile device, adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

Screen use before bed makes you stay up later, makes you groggy the next morning and robs you of your dreams. No one needs that!  F.lux solves and it really has made a noticable difference for me.

For Android users, check out Twilight.

Thanks to Pat Flynn for pointing me to F.lux and answering my question on Episode 288 of the AskPat Podcast.