New Affiliate Marketing Training Program – Constant Profits Club Review



If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I am a big fan of Andrew Hansen and his Forever Affiliate training program.

It was an excellent step-by-step video course on how to get started online, by creating niche websites.

I went through the course myself and lots of other folks in the community did as well and we got a ton of actionable tips and advice, that we still use today.

I’ve been hoping he would come out with a new training program for some time and it looks like the wait will soon be over.

He has partnered up with another internet marketing expert, Sara Young and combined they have over 16 years of experience, creating successful niche websites for the generation of passive income.

They will be holding a free webinar on March 8th, detailing how you can make money online in as little as 3 hours and turn that into a 5 figure online business, in less than a year.

The claims seem pretty lofty, but the good thing about Andrew is that he doesn’t just make claims like that without backing them up.

Here is what Andrew said we can look forward to in the webinar below…

Webinar Details

– The 3 Step Process for growing from your first income, to a $10,000/mo business within a year.

– How to start earning in your first week.  A student Anne made her first online income in just 3 hours.

– How to grow your “immediate income” to $500 or $1,000 a month.

– How to transition to generating passive income by applying those skills to researching and writing about a certain kind of product, that’s for sale online.

– Find out how Andrew started getting traffic and making sales of a particular product in January, with almost no promotion… Just writing and publishing.

– The webinar will reveal a student who’s 30 page niche site is generating more than $24,000 a month as of January 2016.

– They’ll talk about getting easy traffic by finding “ranking anomalies” in Google… Mistakes Google made in what they ranked and how you can capitalize on them.

I’d definitely recommend signing up sooner, rather than later, as his webinars usually fill up quickly.  I signed up for the webinar myself, prior to submitting this post.

Free Constant Profits Webinar

Of course, they will be promoting their new training program in the webinar on March 8th, but Andrew always gives great, free info in his videos and especially on his webinars, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

He also just released a new video, showing examples of the type of site that is bringing in good money right now.  Definitely interesting stuff.

Hope you are able to attend, looking forward to it!