When purchasing a website, it is important to do your due diligence before making a purchase.

In today’s Episode of the Niche Site Tools Podcast, you will hear all the details on what to look out for, along with some free tools you can use to check websites out prior to making a potential purchase.

You can also grab a free checklist with the 5 tips mentioned on the Podcast, along with a bonus tip, on what to do after you make a purchase as well.

Thanks to email subscriber Marvin for the inspiration for this week’s Episode.


Importance of Consistency and Transparency

In today’s Podcast I wanted to shorten things up a bit from last weeks episode and talk about the importance of consistency and transparency in all of your online projects and really, life in general. Be sure to listen in for full details and there is also a bonus mention of a free tool that […]

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Web Hosting Hub Reviews & Special Discount

Get Over 50% Off Today – Exclusively for NicheSiteTools CustomersWebHosting Hub – 50%+ Off Special Discount WebHosting Hub is the company I have utilized to host my websites for 5+ years. When choosing a hosting provider, you want to be sure that you pick one that is fast, reliable and ideally, inexpensive as well.  WebHosting […]

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Increase Affiliate Income – PotPieGirl Niche Post Conversion Strategies Review

Today’s Review suggestion came from a community member, Jake. He wanted to know if anyone had a chance to check out the Niche Post Conversion Strategies guide from Jennifer, better know as PotPieGirl… I was not familiar with the guide, but it sounded like something that could benefit the whole community, so I offered to […]

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Episode 100!!

Today is Podcast Episode 100!!  Thank you for your support and be sure to listen in! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

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Thrive Themes Membership Review

In this week’s Podcast Episode, I talk about all of the plugins and themes that make up the Thrive Themes Membership. Currently that includes 9 awesome plugins and 10 responsive, mobile friendly themes all for less then the cost of just 3 of the plugins individually. The Thrive Themes Membership is only $19 a month, […]

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How to Save Money on Hosting Renewals

When you sign-up for web hosting, most companies give you a great introductory rate to get you to sign-up as a new customer. Unfortunately, like most services these days, the rate can increase significantly after that introductory period is over. That is something that isn’t talked about an awful lot and it can catch some […]

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Bookmarks & SEO Benefit + Quick Website Cleanup Tip

In this week’s Podcast Episode, I address two questions from the Private FB Mastermind group. One was in regards to whether or not browser bookmarks provide any SEO benefit and the other was in regards to a quick website cleanup tip. Be sure to listen in to today’s Episode for full details and I also […]

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Changing the Date on Posts or Pages

In today’s Podcast Episode I address a question from Warwick, from the Private FB Mastermind group. Warwick mentioned that he was going to be updating content on several of his sites, for posts created several years ago and he wanted to know if changing the date would negatively affect traffic or rankings. I address that […]

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