How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Today’s post and Podcast Episode comes from several recent discussions with community members on how to get started, how to keep going and what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing.   The Podcast Episode will be your best resource, as I go into full detail and provide specific examples along the way, so be […]

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Thrive Landing / Content Builder Example Post

Here are several examples of all the features available in the Thrive Content Builder / Landing Pages bundle… Product XYZ Review Add Media Product 1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Libero, vero? Add Media Product 2 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Libero, vero? Add Media Product 3 Lorem ipsum […]

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How To Recover a WordPress Website Without a Backup

Today’s post/Podcast episode topic comes from a community member Jeff, who recently lost all of the data from his site hosted at BlueHost, even after paying extra each month for them to take backups of his site.   I mentioned that as one of the primary drivers for switching my hosting recommendation back over to […]

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How to Stop Google Analytics Referral Spam

Something that is becoming increasingly problematic lately is Google Analytics Referral Spam.  Referral spam can wreak havoc with your Analytics stats, if left unchecked.   Referral spam occurs when your site gets fake referral traffic from spam bots and this fake traffic is recorded in your Google Analytics stats. This is something you need to […]

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How to Easily Transfer Your Web Hosting For Free

This week’s Podcast Episode is somewhat of a continuation of last week’s Episode, where I switched my hosting recommendation back to Webhosting Hub.   In last week’s post/Podcast Episode, I detailed the problems that community member Jeff recently experienced, where he lost his entire site hosted at Bluehost. Despite paying extra for full backups with […]

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New Hosting Recommendation and Special Discount

In this week’s Podcast episode, I talk all about my recent decision to switch my hosting recommendation from Bluehost over to Webhosting Hub. It was NOT a decision that I took lightly, but with all of the info provided in full detail in the Podcast episode, it is definitely the right decision and one that […]

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Thrive Ultimatum Review and Discount

The Thrive Ultimatum scarcity plugin is now available! The special launch discount pricing is now over.  It was a 1 week special from May 30th, 2016 – June 6th, 2016.  The price is now $127 for 1 site or $197 for an unlimited number of sites.   If you are interested in Thrive Ultimatum, I […]

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Amazon EasyAzon Plugin Review

As promised, here is my full review of the Amazon EasyAzon plugin for WordPress.  This is a premium plugin created by Chris Guthrie, who is best known for being a very successful Amazon affiliate. He has earned over $100,000 in commissions from Amazon’s affiliate program and sold his top Amazon site in a six figure deal as well. So […]

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Website Photos, Domain Privacy and Writing For Web 2.0 Sites

In this week’s Podcast Episode, I answer a few questions from the community. Items Mentioned in the Show Where can I get images for my blog/website? Pixabay – Site with mostly free images, just be sure to avoid the “Sponsored Images” along the top to avoid paying.  Thanks Lindsey, for bringing that to our attention […]

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Top 10 Things Everyone Should Do After Installing WordPress

I get this question quite often and it boils down to this…”I’ve installed WordPress, now what?!”   First off, if you’ve already taken some action, great, but in case you haven’t, the first step would be to check out my step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog or website. By following those quick […]

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