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I received an email newsletter from Pat Flynn yesterday and I decided to follow his advice and create a resources/tools page on this site. I’ve been meaning to do that, so it was very good timing and exactly what I needed to motivate myself to get it done.

Basically, that is a place on your site where you should list essential tools that you utilize and recommend to others. In that way, if someone ever asks you for advice on what tools/programs/services that you recommend for a particular task, you can point them directly to your resources page on your site.  Or if anyone happens upon your site and wonders what sort of tools you are using, that is a page that people are accustomed to look for.  Kind of a one-stop-shop for all things that have worked well for you and that will hopefully help out others in the process.

Much of what I put on there is WordPress specific, but I also have links to other tools, a few books and even a movie.  So stop by, check it out and be sure to bookmark the page.  I also added it to the menu just above my site logo, but I might move that around a bit.  I will be constantly updating that page as I am always learning and trying out new tools to help create passive income online.  I actually just added another plugin to the list today.

Be sure to like/share the post and subscribe via email in the Optin Skin box at the bottom of either this post or the resources page to receive notification of new updates on the site.  Thanks so much, I greatly appreciate it!

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