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most-popular-affiliate-marketing-posts-and-podcast-episodeIn today’s Podcast Episode, I detail the most popular resources on the site, taken straight from my most recent Google Analytics stats from the past year.

These are some great resources that many folks refer back to quite often. These Posts and Episodes can definitely help get you started and help you achieve success with all of your niche website projects and online adventures.

Here are many of the links mentioned in today’s episode, for reference. Enjoy!

Top Posts / Podcast Episodes

Ultimate WordPress Setup Checklist

Top 10 Things Everyone Should Do After Installing WordPress

Actionable Strategies to Quickly Increase Affiliate Income

Review of the Amazon BootCamp by Jessica Larrew

Niche Keyword Research and SEO Competition Analysis

Tax Tips for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

Niche Product Reviews

Case Study: Ranking on Page 1 of Google in 24 hours

How to Rank and Rent or Sell a Website For Profit

NicheSiteTools Podcast Page

How to Leave a Podcast Review in iTunes or Stitcher

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Niche Site Tools Recommended Resources Page

Start Here Page

Cheaper Alternatives to Long Tail Pro

Proven Amazon Course Review and Comparison

Make More Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon, Walmart, Target and Other Affiliate Programs Compared

Review of the Best Email List Providers: GetResponse, AWeber, ConvertKit

Case Study: Ranking on First Page of Google in 24 Hours


This week’s Podcast Episode is a case study of ranking brand new websites on the first page of Google, with minimal effort. In the last Episode, we talked about the idea of building very basic websites, with just one piece of content and a contact page, targeting local search phrases and once they rank, to …

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How To Rank and Rent or Sell a Website For Profit


This week’s post and Podcast Episode topic came from another great suggestion from Marcus. He forwarded me some details about the concept of building websites to rank for local search terms in a particular area and then renting them out for $500-$1000/month or selling them for a profit. The concept is simple, build a bunch …

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Top 10 Things Everyone Should Do After Installing WordPress


I get this question quite often and it boils down to this…”I’ve installed WordPress, now what?!”   First off, if you’ve already taken some action, great, but in case you haven’t, the first step would be to check out my step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog or website. By following those quick …

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Start Your Online Business


Welcome, so glad to have you here! I know your time is valuable, so I created this page to highlight the most relevant posts, in order, to help you quickly and easily create a successful blog/website. If you happen to already have a topic for your website, you can jump ahead to my brand new …

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Get Started Today!

Get Started Today

All of us are subject to fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown and the list goes on and on. We all have excuses or reasons why we have put off various projects, that we fully expected to start, but haven’t gotten around to. Today’s Podcast episode is all about overcoming …

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Listener Questions Answered


In this week’s Podcast episode, I address some questions from the community. In our first question, Elizabeth from our Private FB Mastermind group asked if anyone knows a way you can record video in Periscope, which is typically in Portrait mode and have it look right on YouTube, which looks best in Landscape mode. Our …

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