Out of the Box Affiliate Marketing Ideas



In today’s Podcast episode, we talk about some “out of the box” ideas and methods for finding products or services to promote, that you might not have thought about otherwise.

Be sure to listen in to the episode for full details.

Sites mentioned on the show:

Commission Junction

Potential Search Terms:
“niche phrase” idevaffiliate
“niche phrase” postaffiliatepro

Tool Of The Week

Theme Forest – Several folks in the Private Facebook Mastermind group for the site, have been talking about Theme Forest this week and specifically the REHub theme for review style niche sites.

REHub looks like a great choice for review related websites and there are lots of other great themes out there to choose from as well.

If you are looking for a theme, I would greatly appreciate you going through my affiliate link.  At no additional cost to you, I would receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link.

It helps to keep the lights on around here and goes a long way towards letting me know you are digging what I’m throwing down. I sincerely thank you ahead of time!

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