Real World Niche Examples

Last week we talked about the 3 most common questions that I get in regards to niche sites, with how to choose a niche topic and how to evaluate competition being the top two.

In this week’s Podcast episode, I provide 3 real world niche topic examples and walk you through the research and competition analysis process.

Thanks to email subscriber Ashley for the suggestion for this week’s episode!

Screenshots From Long Tail Pro

Below are the 3 phrases mentioned in the show along with screenshots.

The first screenshot for each phrase shows several long tail phrases that I choose to generate the keyword competitiveness (KC) numbers for, sorted from most competitive at the top to lower as you go down the list.

In the second screen shot for each, I chose one of the keyword phrases that I felt you could compete to get to the first page of Google for and circled the particular spots that I would target to compete against.

Main Phrase: “best vacuum”


Sub-Phrase: “best vacuum for dog hair”


Main Phrase: “coffee grinder”


Sub-Phrase: “coffee maker with grinder”


Main Phrase: “kayaking and canoeing”


Sub-Phrase: “fishing kayak reviews”



Hopefully these real-life examples helped to show exactly how the keyword research and competition analysis works.

If you are not yet utilizing Long Tail Pro, I highly recommend you give it a try.

If you go through my discount link, you will get the Long Tail Pro Platinum annual plan, along with the Long Tail University training program, Long Tail Pro Private FB group and other great bonuses for $55 off.

If you have any questions at all about the content from this week, or last week, don’t hesitate to ask!

2 thoughts on “Real World Niche Examples”

  1. Hi
    Great job with your podcasts Chris. After listening to 5 or so podcasts already, I’m a big fan. I like that you keep things very real, personal and you take more time than others with step by step suggestions on how to do things. For example, in the real world niche examples. One suggestion. If possible, please add actual real website names or screenshots in your blog that are very good examples of current niche sites or sites that have evolved from a small niche site so something bigger.

    Anyhow. Question for you. Is it profitable to target audience in different languages (say for example Spanish) in developing niche site ? What revenue streams could be more attractive ie addwords, dropshipment, amazon, etc. Can I monetize audience traffic located outside the US? If so, is it worth the hassle? Does it make a difference if the site is in one or two languages? How Google tracks multiple languages.
    Appreciate your insights.

    John in SD, CA

  2. Hey John,

    Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the show! Welcome to the site.

    In regards to specific website details, I do not personally reveal URLs or specific website details for projects that I have in progress. However, if you go to the URLs that I have circled above, you will see many examples of the type of site that you can create yourself to compete with those on the first page of Google.

    In regards to targeting audiences in different languages and countries, good questions. I don’t have specific experience doing with the items you mentioned above. That might be a good question for the folks in the mastermind group at

    There are several folks in the group that are outside the US, so they might have some suggestions on that front.
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