Top 3 Niche Site Questions Answered

top 3 niche website questions answered

In this week’s Podcast episode, I answer the 3 most commonly asked questions received in regards to niche websites.  Coincidentally, all 3 of them were asked of me this past week from both email subscribers and members of our private FB mastermind group.

Top 3 Niche Site Questions Answered

The top questions that I receive from folks on the site are as follows:

1.  How do I choose a niche site topic, or how do I decide between two different niche topics?

2.  Once I have a topic chosen, how do I really go about analyzing the competition?

3.  Once my initial site is setup with a core set of content, how do I increase traffic and rankings?

Each of those topics will be covered in this week’s episode.

Items Mentioned on the Podcast

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