Keyword Research: My Exact Process Revealed


In this week’s post, I will be answering a question from an email subscriber, Stan, on what my exact process is for keyword research and competition analysis.

Stan asked how I go about doing keyword research for 3 different scenarios:

  1. Product specific sites; aka Amazon review site or affiliate product site
  2. Authority site
  3. Individual blog posts or pages

All 3 scenarios will be addressed in the YouTube video below. In the video, I show you the exact process that I utilize, with specific real world examples.

My suggestion is to check out the video and then immediately try out some relevant keywords of your own, utilizing the free 10 day trial of Long Tail Pro.

If you decide to make a purchase of Long Tail Pro after the trial has ended, be sure to take advantage of the discount provided through my affiliate link.

Long Tail Pro – Discount Link

I hope you find the video helpful and actionable. If you have any specific questions, please drop me a comment or feel free to reach out via email anytime.

8 thoughts on “Keyword Research: My Exact Process Revealed”

  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for creating the video. That really helps to clarify the process for me. I will grab the long tail pro free trial later today and give it a shot.

    Your site is very helpful, especially since I am brand new to the niche site process. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!

  2. Hello Chris,

    My question is about websites and how to increase the traffic. I am basically writing articles and having some subscribers., but enough I suppose. any suggestions ? let me know I would definitely appreciate.


  3. Hello Chris,
    Thank you for showing us your keyword research process. It was very informative.
    My Keyword criteria is
    KC below 30
    At least 2000 monthly searches
    At least 2 dollars suggested bid
    Advertiser competition high
    Number of words 3 0r more.
    Am I being too picky? Where do you think I should be a bit lenient?
    Thanks for all the help,

    • Hey Rav,

      I think that is a great starting point. If you are getting a decent number of long tail phrases returned with those criteria, then you are good to go.

      However, if that doesn’t result in enough phrases to get a good start (say 5-10 phrases for some pillar articles), I would lower the minimum bid to $1.

      Hope that helps. I’m looking forward to following your progress along the way.
      Chris recently posted..Five Dollar Posts – Facebook Ad Training Program SpecialMy Profile

      • Hey,

        Thanks Chris,

        That helps a lot. I think LTP is very powerful and especially when we input the seed keyword with a long tail keyword (e.g. yoga pants green vs. yoga) we would get much focused related keywords. I and my partner are about to launch a blog soon. We are still figuring out the logistics. I promise I am going to use only your affiliate links to any purchases I am going to make for my future online adventures.

        Thank you,


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