Building an Email List – For Free!

Creating an Email List For Free

Creating an Email List For Free

My man Marcus, from my mastermind group and the site Our Peaceful Family, asked me a few questions this week about building an email list, so I thought I would do a Podcast episode on the topic.

In Episode 13, we will cover the following items as they relate to creating an email subscriber list:

  1. Why it is SO important to create an email subscriber list right away.
  2. Quick comparison of Aweber and MailChimp.
  3. How to utilize MailChimp to send a fully automated welcome email, with a free bonus doc/guide.
  4. How to setup a subscription form.
  5. Free plugin for adding a ‘subscribe to blog’ checkbox to your comment section that integrates with MailChimp.
  6. RSS to email.
  7. Suggestions for how to get more subscribers.
  8. …and more!

Supplemental information and reference posts:

Building a Sign-Up Form With MailChimp – Setup an email signup form, similar to mine here.

MailChimp RSS to Email Setup – Email new posts to your subscribers automatically.

How to Send an Automated Welcome Email and Free Guide To Your Subscribers – Check out the part on the top of this post about the welcome email.  You can also choose to place the free doc/eGuide on your own site and provide a link, similar to what I do for my subscribers.  If you need any help setting that up, just let me know!

MailChimp For WordPress Free Plugin – Add a ‘subscribe to blog’ check box to your comment section, that is fully integrated with MailChimp.

MailChimp Sign-Up – This is my MailChimp affiliate link.  If you sign-up through that link, you and I will both get a $30 account credit, but only if/when we both convert to a paid account down the road.

My Prior Post on How To Convert From Feedburner To MailChimp

Closing Thoughts

Do you currently collect emails on your site?  Have any additional tips on how others can increase their opt-ins?  Please share any specifics in the comments below.  Thanks!