The Future Is Now: Periscope and Google Cardboard 2.0

Periscope and Google Cardboard 2.0

In episode 49 of the Podcast, we talk about several cool new technologies that can be incorporated into your online or offline business ventures.


An online streaming app from the folks at Twitter, that lets you broadcast live from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Google Cardboard 2.0

Google announced this week that their Cardboard app is now available for iOS devices and their Cardboard 2.0 virtual reality system now handles mobile devices up to 6 inches in length diagonally.

That is great news for anyone who like myself, has the iPhone 6 plus and has been wanting to give the $20 Google Cardboard Virtual Reality experience a try!

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Final Thoughts

These new technologies have some serious promise as a way to transform the way people consume content going forward.  With the ability to provide an audience with real time, behind the scenes access and 360 degree immersive experiences, I think the possibilities are really endless.

I would definitely encourage you to explore these exciting new opportunities and see how you could incorporate them into your own online or offline ventures.

Do you have any experience with Periscope or the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality system that you could share?  If so, drop a comment below or head on over to our free, private FB Mastermind Group and let us know!

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  1. Another great episode….I would love to be creating virtual 360 videos. Did you happen to find out where you can buy these rigs ?


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