5 Great SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is hugely important in order to rank higher in Google and drive traffic to your site or blog. There are several “big hitter” SEO items like placing the proper keywords in your page title, URL and meta description fields as well as getting quality backlinks to your site/posts from other sites.

Those items and many more are all mentioned in my previous post on SEO Competition. That post lists the most common and most utilized items to help give your site/posts “SEO juice” in order to help you rank higher in Google.

In the excellent video below from Pat Flynn, he details 5 more lesser known tips on how to get even more SEO juice, or at least how to keep the juice you already have from leaking out. Definitely some good actionable items.

Do you have any lesser known tips that in your experience have either helped or potentially hurt your rankings? With Google constantly changing their algorithms all the time, we need to try and stay one step ahead of the game. So please share any tips positive or negative in the comments below. Thanks!

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