Cheaper Alternatives to Long Tail Pro – Updated 2024


cheaper-alternatives-to-long-tail-proSpecial Offer: Long Tail Pro for a One-Time Fee of $47

Limited Time Deal: There is currently a special offer for Long Tail Pro available. For just a one-time fee of $47, you gain full access to Long Tail Pro, allowing you to explore up to 10,000 search results that never expire! As an added bonus, you will also receive free access to the 7 Day SEO BootCamp video training course.

This offer presents an exceptional value for the premier keyword research tool on the market. Seize this opportunity before it expires!

Why Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro has evolved into a comprehensive online, cloud-based tool, providing users with unparalleled functionality. With features ranging from identifying lucrative keywords to implementing effective on-page SEO strategies, Long Tail Pro equips you with the tools needed to drive significant traffic to your website.

Background: Transition to Subscription Model

In 2018, Long Tail Pro transitioned from a one-time fee model to a subscription-based structure. While this change was initially met with inquiries about cheaper alternatives, it’s important to note the continued value provided by Long Tail Pro, especially with the added benefits of lifetime access to Long Tail University and a dedicated Facebook group for annual plan subscribers.

Research Process and Market Insights

During the research process, it became evident that the landscape of keyword research tools has shifted, with many competitors offering similar, much higher pricing structures. Factors such as changes in data access policies by platforms like Google have contributed to this trend.

Market Samurai and Keyword Canine: Discontinued

Market Samurai and Keyword Canine, both longtime players in the keyword research tool market are no longer available. Their discontinuation marked the end of an era for many users who relied on those tools. However, Long Tail Pro’s continued availability and the exclusive special offer make it the best deal available.

Comparison of Keyword Research Tool Prices

As you can see from the chart below, the most popular keyword research tools can be quite expensive, especially for beginning entrepreneurs. None of them are cheaper alternatives to Long Tail Pro, they’re all quite a bit more expensive.

Tool Monthly Price Annual Price
SEMrush $129-499 $1,559-5,999 $89-199 $828-1,848
Buzzsumo $99-499 $948-4,788
Long Tail Pro $37-147 $297-1,177
Moz KW Difficulty Tool $99-599 $950-5,750


In conclusion, Long Tail Pro remains a top contender in the realm of keyword research tools, offering unparalleled value with its current one-time fee special. Take advantage of this $47 Long Tail Pro limited time special to secure access to Long Tail Pro’s robust features and accompanying free SEO training course.

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