Keyword Research With Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro For Keyword Research / Brainstorming

As I mentioned earlier, for my Niche Site Duel 2.0 site idea, I was having a hard time brainstorming ideas.  I wrote down a few very general categories of ideas for things that I was interested in with the help of my wife.  I asked her, “What things have I been interested in lately?”  We jotted down things like “cars”, “the beach”, “cats”, “the online stuff you are working on”, “online investing”, etc.  Good starting points, but I needed to narrow things down, so I decided to check out the free trial of Long Tail Pro to see if it might help me out and in turn, might be something I could let you guys know about as well.

If you are already a Market Samurai customer, I would not say that it is a must have product, as Market Samurai has most of the same features and lots of additional features that I find handy.  However, if you are new to niche sites and keyword research, I think you might find LTP to be a bit more user friendly and it does have a few different criteria in regards to competition analysis that you might find useful.

Check out the video below that I just put together on how to brainstorm and do competition analysis with Long Tail Pro.  Hopefully you will find it useful and feel free to grab the free 10 day trial yourself and follow along.

Until next post…Best of luck with all of your online adventures!

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