Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome and Analysis Paralysis

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis and Shiny Object Syndrome

In Episode 8 of the Niche Site Tools Podcast, I will be talking about how to overcome shiny object syndrome and analysis paralysis.

Shiny object syndrome is the tendency to forget about the issue or task at hand and go off in hot pursuit of the next hottest thing. Analysis paralysis is getting bogged down in the research phase of a project and never really getting started.

Steps To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome and Analysis Paralysis

1) Make sure your physical desk is clean and clear.

2) Make sure your virtual computer desktop is clean and clear.

3) Remove time sucking apps or games from your mobile devices.

4) Utilize a browser add-on to restrict or only allow access to certain sites like Facebook at certain times. Depending on what browser and computer you use, there are different programs out there like StayFocusd (Chrome), Leechblock (Firefox), or Self Control (Mac users) and Focal Filter (PC Users).

5) Utilize unroll.me to organize your email subscriptions and to unsubscribe from recurring emails that are unnecessary. Reducing distractions is key to being able to focus and make progress.

6) Write down your various goals or project ideas and rank them in terms of importance. Knock out the important tasks that can be quickly accomplished and then prioritize the remaining tasks or goals. Then pick one that you are going to focus on and put all the others aside.

7) Communicate your primary goal to others. That can be in whatever form you prefer, but the more folks that you communicate that to the better. It is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable and because you do not want to disappoint or look bad in front of others, it has an amazing way of keeping you focused and causing you to take action.

8) Report back on your progress as a way of celebrating your accomplishments.


We all suffer from analysis paralysis or shiny object syndrome from time to time, but being able to recognize when it is occurring and being able to quickly take steps to stop to it, are key to getting you back on track.

Do you utilize hacks or tools to help keep you focused and to keep shiny object syndrome at bay? Do you have goals or projects that you are having a hard time making progress with?

Please share them in the comment section and we can help each other get through these temporary roadblocks and help hold each other accountable so that we can achieve the success we’re looking for!

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  1. Chris,

    After experimenting on various strategies, I have realized the best way for me to stay focused is by doing one task, or goal at a time; the most important one comes first. This helps me achieve my goals in a short time.

    Marcus recently posted..Surviving The First Year Of MarriageMy Profile


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