Introduction, Background and How I Got Started

Niche Site Tools Podcast

Welcome to the introductory episode for the Podcast!

The idea to go back and create this episode, came in an email from Matt, a subscriber to the site.

In that email he was looking for some more personal details on my background and how I got started online. I really appreciate the positive feedback and suggestions, so keep those emails coming!

In this episode, I will discuss what the Podcast is all about, detail the regular publishing schedule and also provide some insights on some exciting new features and topics for upcoming episodes!

In addition, I go into full detail on my personal background, how I got started online and show how things have evolved into what you see here today on the site and in the Podcast.

This Podcast will cover all aspects of making money online, including Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income, Niche Sites, Blogging, Backlinking, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Themes, Plugins and anything else that can help us all achieve a greater level of success, with our online adventures!

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