is Live!

I proudly present to you the brand spanking new

Don’t notice much of a change?  That’s a good thing, that should mean everything is working as expected.

If you’re new here, I just did a little rebranding, switching from to, with an s.   I’ve been here on the old domain name since the end of 2012 and I felt the new domain name just makes more sense.  All the action going forward will take place right here!

If this is your first time here, welcome!  Now is a great time to get on board.  Be sure to like the Facebook Page, follow the Twitter feed and subscribe via email to get my free eGuide on Keyword Brainstorming.

I wasn’t really planning to do the switchover to the new domain this soon, but I ended up taking the day off yesterday, found some steps to follow online and decided to go for it.  Honestly, I had a blast!

Being a techie type, I enjoy learning new things and found a relatively automated way to do the bulk of the work utilizing the free Duplicator WordPress plugin.  I’ll do a post with all the details at some point, but the bottom line is the process worked pretty well.

Then I re-did the logo here, the logo on the Facebook page, changed the Facebook page URL/name, modified all of my settings in MailChimp to reflect the new domain name/email, modified the free eGuide and all the links in the welcome email for new subscribers and tested things out.

If things work as expected, all email subscribers should receive an email with this post at 8am EST.  It should come from my email for the new domain which is chris “@” nichesitetools dot com

I think I have most things covered, but if you could click around a bit, leave a comment and let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary, I’d appreciate it.

I am also updating this post to mention that I found a super quick way to redirect all posts/pages automatically, rather than doing each post/page individually.  So all links to the old site should now automatically redirect to the new site.  The method I followed is also supposed to follow the Google guidelines for maintaining existing traffic and link juice.

The true test will be to keep an eye on my Analytics over the next few weeks and months and I will be sure to provide full details of the switchover and traffic comparison after the holidays.

One other new addition is the addition of a Twitter page for the new site, as well as the recently added Facebook page.  Thanks to Crystal for the nudge to setup the Twitter account and for being the first follower/like on both!

Thank you also to Mary Ann, Dreama and none other than Mark Mason of for the Facebook likes.  Thanks also for my first 6 Twitter followers Crystal, Tom, Felipe, Freddie, Moises and Mark Mason.  And last, but not least, thanks to Augusta and Francesco for recently subscribing via email.  You guys rock!

Admittedly, Twitter isn’t really my thing at the moment.  I am definitely more active on the Facebook page, but after hearing a recent Podcast from the Internet Business Mastery guys about how they re-discovered Twitter and are loving it and the suggestion from Crystal, I figured I’d give it another go as well.

Hope you like the new domain name/rebranding.  Glad to have you all here and I’m looking forward to additional fun and interactions in 2014 and beyond!

4 thoughts on “ is Live!”

  1. Great job on the update! Looks like it went well! Now you’ve got a platform that can grow along with you! Thank for the mentions too – I appreciate it!!
    Crystal recently posted..Raising A Creative ChildMy Profile

  2. Nice logo and best wishes with your blog!


  3. Hey Leo,

    Thanks for the comment and glad you like the logo. I’ll link to the article where you can get a similar logo done on Fiverr for just $5. Great deal.
    Chris recently posted..Fiverr Holiday Logo MakeoverMy Profile


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